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The Covid-19 Pandemic

When the Covid-19 Pandemic hit Singapore's shores in early 2020, a stream of regulations were collectively implemented  by the Inter-Agency Taskforce to provide support to migrant workers and dormitory operators in the fight against Covid. Now handed over to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) sub-division, our Dormitory Management Team works closely with the Assurance, Care and Engagement (ACE) Group to continue efforts in ensuring that the dormitories are prepared to respond to the virus and to prevent new public health threats to our migrant worker population.

Below are a list of commonly asked Questions & Answers for our client's reassurance:

(With reference to a bulletin issued by the Ministry of Manpower on 3rd November 2021)

01. I am tested positive for Covid-19 but why am I not sent to a care facility or hospital?

The vast majority of Covid-19 patients who are vaccinated will remain well, with no or mild symptoms. You can safely recover at either a dorm recovery facility (DRF) or a centralized recovery facility (CRF).

There is no need to go to a care facility or a hospital unless there are serious medical problems. If you are unwell, approach the operator to arrange for you to seek medical help.

01. 我的冠病检测结果虽呈阳性,为何不被送到护理设施 或医院?

大多数已接种疫苗的病患将保持身体状况良好,毫无或只出现轻微症状。因此, 您可在宿舍康复设施或中央康复设施安全康复,无需到护理设施或医院去,除 非您有严重疾病。



02. 康复设施是否安全?

The recovery facility you are at is safe.

Those staying in the facility are fully vaccinated and generally well with no or mild symptoms, even though they test positive for Covid-19.



虽然他们的冠病检测结果呈阳性,但住在这里的客工都已完成接种疫苗,并且 一般上身体状况良好,毫无或只出现轻微症状。

02. Is the recovery facility safe?

03. Is there adequate medical care for me since I am tested Covid-19 positive?

03. 既然我的冠病检测结果呈阳性,我是否会获 得足够的医疗照顾?

If you feel unwell, do contact the operator or a recovery buddy who will arrange for you to seek medical attention either at a regional medical centre or through telemedicine via the FWMOMCare app.

Seek medical attention if you have a fever or cough. If you have breathing difficulties, chest pain, or palpitations, please call 995 or inform the operator or a FAST officer, who will assist you further.

若是您身体感到不适,可联系宿舍业者或康复伙伴,他们会安排您到区域医疗 中心去求诊或通过 FWMOMCare 手机应用程序帮助您咨询远程医疗服务。


若是您有发烧或咳嗽,请务必去求诊。若是您感到呼吸困难、胸痛或心悸,请 拨电995,或通知宿舍业者或前线保障支援小组(FAST)人员,他们会进一步给 您帮助。

04. When can I be discharged?

If you get a negative ART result on Day 4 or Day 7, you can be discharged. Otherwise, you will remain in the recovery facility and be discharged on Day 10.

04. 我什么时候才能获准离开?

若是您第4或第7天的抗原快速检测结果呈阴性,您即可离开。否则您必须留在 康复设施直至第10天才能离开。

05. What do I need to do while in the recovery facility?

Monitor your health daily by taking your temperature, heart rate and oxygen saturation levels.

If you test positive on an Antigen Rapid Test (ART), you will be required to perform an ART on Day 4 and/or Day 7 during your stay at the recovery facility.

05. 在康复设施期间, 我必须做哪 些检测或记录哪些读数?

您必须每天密切注意您的健康状况, 测量您的体温、脉率和氧气饱和度。


若是您的抗原快速检测(ART)结果呈阳 性,您必须在入住康复设施的第4和 第7天做抗原快速检测。

06. Will I still be paid even though I am at the recovery facility?

You will still receive your salary during this period. If you do not receive your salary, please inform a FAST officer for assistance.

06. 虽然我人在康复设施,我还 会不会领到薪水?

在入住康复设施期间,您仍旧会领到 薪水。若是您没领到薪水,请通知 FAST人员给予协助。

07. What if I am still unwell after discharge?

Please inform your employer or dorm operator if you feel unwell and they will arrange for you to be seen at a regional medical centre.

07. 若是离开后我的身体还是感 到不适怎么办?

若是您身体感到不适,请通知您的宿舍业者或FAST人员,他们会安排您到 区域医疗中心求诊。

08. Will meals be provided for at the recovery facility?

All your meals will be delivered to you three times daily.

08. 在康复设施期间有没有伙食 供应?

您的所有伙食将有人送来给您,每日 三次。

09. Will an infected person pass the virus to a recovered person while in the recovery facility?

Persons in the recovery facility have the same condition and are safe.

09. 在康复设施期间,一个受病 毒感染的人会不会把病毒传 给一个已康复的人?

入住康复设施的人身体状况都一样, 因此是安全的。

10. I am feeling stressed and worried, who can I talk to?

Please reach out if you need to speak to someone or are feeling stressed and anxious. You may call the following helplines:

  • HealthServe @ 3129 5000

  • Migrant Workers' Centre @ 6536 2692

10. 我感到压力和担忧,能与谁 交谈?

若是您需要和某人说话或是感到压力 和焦虑,请与人联系。您可拨打以下 求助热线:

- 康侍 @ 3129 5000

- 外籍劳工中心 @ 6536 2692

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